Navigating the Legal Landscape: Corporate Governance and Anti-Corruption Compliance in the Digital Age

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  • Naeem Allah Rakha Tashkent State University of Law



Corporate governance, Anti-corruption, Compliance, Digital age, Technology, Risk assessment


The article explores the challenges that companies face in maintaining corporate governance and anti-corruption compliance in the digital era. With the increasing use of technology and the internet, companies are exposed to new risks, including cyber threats and potential violations of anti-corruption laws. The authors argue that companies need to be proactive in implementing effective compliance programs that address these risks. This includes establishing clear policies and procedures, providing training to employees, and conducting regular risk assessments. Additionally, companies must stay up-to-date on changes in relevant laws and regulations and ensure that their compliance programs are responsive to these changes. The article also discusses the role of technology in compliance efforts, including the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence to identify potential risks and monitor compliance. Ultimately, the authors conclude that companies that prioritize corporate governance and anti-corruption compliance will be better positioned to succeed in the digital age.


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