About the Journal

The Uzbek Journal of Law and Digital Policy is a unique platform that facilitates the exchange of creative, innovative, and groundbreaking ideas in the realm of digital technologies and law. It serves as a hub for the synthesis and network communication of leading scientists, experts, and practicing lawyers. The journal aims to review the best practices and scientific achievements in the field of digital technological innovations and their interrelation with the legal reality. As an open-access publication affiliated with IRSHAD JOURNALS, the journal ensures broad access to its content, fostering the dissemination of knowledge and facilitating scholarly dialogue.

It welcomes a wide range of contributions, including articles, case studies, reports, lecture notes, monographs, dissertations, conference series, books, and book reviews. The journal places emphasis on contemporary developments and their applicability and enforceability, with dedicated sections for analyzing recent judicial decisions, state policies, new legislation, and law reform proposals. It serves as a valuable resource for legal professionals, policymakers, researchers, teachers, judges, and administrators, allowing them to stay informed about new ideas and the progress of legal reforms. The Uzbek Journal of Law and Digital Policy is committed to upholding rigorous publication standards, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and advancing knowledge at the intersection of law and digital technologies.