Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Pakistan's Tourism and Industry: Challenges and Prospects

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  • Riffat Shahzady University of the Punjab




Entrepreneurship, Tourism Industry, Pakistan, Challenges, Opportunities, Growth


Pakistan's tourism industry has vast untapped potential for entrepreneurship, however, it is beset by numerous challenges that limit its growth. This article examines the current state of the tourism industry in Pakistan and highlights the entrepreneurial opportunities available within the sector. The article also identifies the key challenges that entrepreneurs face in the industry, including a lack of infrastructure, limited access to financing, security concerns, and insufficient marketing efforts. Despite these challenges, the article argues that the tourism industry in Pakistan presents a promising opportunity for entrepreneurs who are willing to take on the risks and invest in the necessary resources to succeed. The article concludes by offering recommendations for policymakers and entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges and promote the growth of the tourism industry in Pakistan.



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