Safeguarding Consumer Rights in the Digital Age: Challenges and Strategies

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  • Jahongir Babayev Tashkent State University of Law



Consumer Rights Protection, Digital Age, Data Privacy, Online Transactions, E-commerce, Misleading Advertising, Unfair Contract Terms, Legal Frameworks, International Regulations, Case Studies, Best Practices, Policy Development


Consumer rights protection has become increasingly complex in the digital age, as rapid technological advancements and the growth of e-commerce present novel challenges to consumers and regulators alike. This article examines the key challenges faced by consumers in the digital age, such as data privacy and security, online transactions and fraud, misleading advertising and information, and unfair contract terms. It also explores the legal frameworks and guidelines established by various international and national organizations, including the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection, the EU's Consumer Rights Directive, and the United States' Federal Trade Commission Act, among others. Through a comprehensive literature review and analysis of case studies and practical applications, the article sheds light on the effectiveness of existing legal mechanisms in addressing consumer rights violations in the digital realm. It further discusses the implications of the findings for consumer rights protection and compares the legal landscape across different industries and countries. The article highlights the need for a more harmonized legal framework and enhanced international cooperation to effectively safeguard consumer rights in the digital age. The article offers recommendations for policymakers and businesses to strengthen consumer rights protection and proposes future directions for legal research and policy development in this context. The findings of this research contribute to the ongoing discourse on consumer rights in the digital age and provide valuable insights for legal practitioners, academics, and policymakers.


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